About us

Da Ros e Associati is the latest cyber security company. Just born baby, started february 1st, 2017.

the founders, however, are an important part in the history of the cyber security market in Italy: someone on the front line, someone on the back stage, someone an evangelist , someone busy making organizational processes work and deliver their benefits.

We are a very young company, but the members of the managing team have more than twenty years of experience in the cyber security ,market. So we will listen to our best teacher, a customer looking for efficient ways to secure his business.

We had twenty years to learn that the key to our success is the success of our customer, and this means measurable results. we want our customer to be able to measure the difference our engagement provided.

We shall be, and we will be, a pragmatic team: too many brilliant solutions are still waiting for the right problem to solve, so we will go the opposite way: starting from a  problem to solve instead than pushing an exciting new solution.

What will we do?

Two boring things: support to achieve compliance, mainly PCI-DSS and GDPR, and managed security services.

A bit more exciting thing: bringing state of the art, disrupting technology to the italian market, leveraging 20+ years of international relationships. Ideally technologies that collapse old security layers and practices in simpler and leaner approaches.

A fun thing: hosting graduates to explore new ideas with fresh mind, with the energy and creativity that youth brings to the routine task of maintaining a secure organization.

See you soon!!

Da Ros e Associati Srl (DReA)

Piazzale Giovanni Delle Bande Nere, 7
Milano (MI)

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