What is do we mean by “compliance”?

Very simple: abide by the rules with the minimum possible burdens
Rules are set to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders.

In the world of payment systems, at stake are the confidence of customers, the successful cash in of the proceeds of sales on the merchants side, the minimization of frauds to financial institutions.

In the world of Privacy and personal data protection, determined that “Privacy is the capacity to negotiate social relationships by controlling access to personal information”, the points are to prevent the abuse of informations too easily shared by their owners, to avoid too many limitations on the power of technology., from the easy search of informations to the time saving possibilities related to smartphone-based geolocalization), finding the right balance between the freedom of the single and the sewcurity of the community.

To achieve “compliance” to the several rules of our society, we strive to shrink the perimeter to secure, to minimize the attack surface area.

This way we save time, money and we make easier to maintain compliance over time.